The Poetry Project

#141--April-May 1991

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Editor: Jerome Sala


  • "Improvisation" by Bruce Andrews
  • from "A First Reading of On the Road" by Clark Coolidge
  • "Writing and Spontaneity" by Nick Piombino
  • "Some Political Assumptions of Some Forms of Improvisation" by Fiona Templeton
  • "Improvisation and Literature" by Tyrone Williams

Book Reviews:

  • The Pink Guitar: Writing as Feminist Practice by Rachel Blau DuPlessis; reviewed by Joel Lewis
  • The Novel/A Poem by Paul Hoover; reviewed by Stephen Ratcliffe
  • Lyric and Dramatic Poetry by Aime Cesaire, trans. Clayton Eshelman and Annette Smith; reviewed by T.J. Anderson III
  • A Taste of Honey by Bob Flanagan and David Trinidad; reviewed by Henry Flesh and Eric Latzky
  • The Petrus Borel Stories by Tom Ahern; reviewed by Laban Carick Hill
  • The Formal Field of Kissing: Translations, Imitations & Epigrams by Bernadette Mayer; reviewed by Peter Lamborn Wilson
  • Not A Male Pseudonym by Anne Waldman; reviewed by Eileen Myles
  • Operation Memory by David Lehman; reviewed by David Shapiro
  • V-8 by Dennis Teichman; reviewed by Glen Mannisto
  • The Europe of Trusts by Susan Howe; reviewed by Tom Clark

"Territory" by Ray DiPalma


  • In Memoriam: Ted Dlugos

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