The Poetry Project

#144--February-March 1992

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Editor: Jerome Sala

Book Reviews:

  • Ted Berrigan, Talking in Tranquility edited by Stephen Ratcliffe and Leslie Scalapino; reviewed by Ed Foster
  • Muzzle Thyself by Lauren Fairbanks; reviewed by Sparrow
  • Trimmings by Harryette Mullen; reviewed by Stacy Hubbard
  • Light Heart by Gary Lenhart; reviewed by Reagan Upshaw
  • Art Is Boring for the Same Reason We Stayed in Vietnam by Stephen Paul Miller; reviewed by Katherine Arnoldi


  • Chris Tysh interviewed by Lynn Crawford


  • "The Nation Speaks Tropicana" by Jerome Sala
  • "The History of Glances" by Gillian McCain
  • "More About Dragons" by Myrna Nieves
  • "No. 1" by India Hixton
  • "she said..." by Stephen Lowry


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