The Poetry Project

#135--December-January 1989-90

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Editor: Tony Towle


  • "Poetry for the Next Society" by Allen Ginsberg
  • "Nicaragua: the Poets' Revolution" by Chris Brandt
  • "Rendering the Future: Petrarch's Question" by Lewis Warsh
  • "Poetry for the Next Society: Design for Continuing Investigation" by Erica Hunt
  • "Kidding on the Square" by Larry Fagin
  • "Rappoetry with PANICDJ" by Jeffery Cochran

Book Reviews:

  • Last and Lost Poems by Delmore Schwartz; reviewed by Tom Clark
  • Year of the Olive Oil by Charles North; reviewed by Barry Schwabsky
  • Who Whispered Near Me by Killarney Clary; reviewed by Tom Clark
  • House (Blown Apart) by David Shapiro; reviewed by Joel Lewis
  • Before Creation by Joseph Donahue; reviewed by Leonard Schwartz
  • After We Lost Our Way by David Mura; reviewed by Tom Clark


  • Bill Berkson interviewed by Ted Greenwald


  • "Median" by Cheryl Fish
  • "A Reading" by Sparrow
  • "Revelations" by Jonah Winter
  • "Chinese Dumplings" by Mike Topp
  • "King King" by Robert Hershon
  • "Aquarius" by Yoshi Yamamoto
  • "Sammy" by Frank Lennon
  • "Mules" by Clark Coolidge and Larry Fagin
  • "New York City's Purple Weather" by Elio Schneeman


  • Questionnaire


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  • workshops
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  • books & magazines received

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