The Poetry Project

#243 — April/May 2015

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek, Nicole Wallace, Ted Dodson
- Beasts: Lara Lorenzo
- Reviews: Cecilia Corrigan on Lisa Robertson; E. Tracy Grinnell on Laura Moriarty; Mel Elberg on John Godfrey; Iris Cushing on Brenda Coultas; Miriam Atkin on Robert Kocik
- Reading Calendar
- From Self-Portrait with Imaginary Brother: Lanny Jordan Jackson
- A Poem: Alex Cuff
- A Poem: Andrew Boston
- Horoscopes: Ana Besneos
- Cover and TOC images: Carolyn Lazard, Get Well Soon, 2014, digital video, 13 minutes, color, sound.
All stills courtesy of the artist.

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