The Poetry Project

#244 — October/November 2015

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek and Simone White
- Notes from the Project
- Curatorial Statements: Judah Rubin, Simone White, Ariel Goldberg
- Fall 2015 Workshops
- Poetry: Urayoán Noel
- Art: Jonathan Allen and Laura Henriksen
- Interview: Betsy Fagin & Elinor Nauen
- Centerfold
- Reading Calendar
- Reviews: Leah Souffrant on Yoko Ono; Cornelia Barber on Tonya Foster; Nina Puro on Anne Boyer; Rijard Bergeron on Ron Padgett; Sara Jane Stoner on Gracie Leavitt
- From Self-Portrait with Imaginary Brother: Lanny Jordan Jackson
- Community Letters: Kevin Killian
- Crossword Puzzle
- Cover and TOC images: Jonathan Allen. Video still from On Governors Island, a collaboration between visual artist Jonathan Allen and poet and Laura Henriksen, 1:26, 2015

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