The Poetry Project

#238 — February/March 2014

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek, Arlo Quint, Ted Dodson
- News & Announcements
- Taylor Mead, Oct. 2009 with Jonas at Lucian: Jonas Mekas
- A Poem: David Trinidad
- Reviews: Lucy Ives on Sopia Le Fraga; Stacy Szymaszek on George Stanley; Daniel Owen on Lewis Freedman; Matthew Polzin on Chris Tysh; Jamie Townsend on Even Kennedy & Stephanie Young; Douglas Piccinnini on Judah Rubin
- untitled.doc: Trisha Low
- A Poem: Ben Fama
- Comics: Bianca Stone, Jim Behrle
- Cover and TOC image: from Taylor Mead 2009 with Jonas at Lucian (17 minutes, digital color) courtesy of Jonas Mekas

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