The Poetry Project

#241 — December 2014/January 2015

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek, Nicole Wallace, Ted Dodson
- News & Announcements
- Cynthia Daignault: Cynthia Daginault
- An Excerpt from "The All-New": Ian Hatcher:
- Reviews: Karen Lepri on Claudia Rankine; Maryam Parhizkar on Daine di Prima; Becca Klalver on Kate Durbin; Kathleen DelMar Miller on Laura Sims; Ross Gay on Wendy S. Walters; Avra Spector on Celia Dropkin;
- Curatorial Statement: Simone White
- Three Poems: Elaine Kahn
- Two Poems: Rene Ricard (1946-2014)
- Rituals and Prompts: Jennifer Bartlett
- Astrological Advice: Charity Coleman
- Cover and TOC image: Cynthia Daignault, Rasomon Effect (2013). 30 pieces, oil on linen, 9 x 12 inches each. Image courtesy of the artist.

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