The Poetry Project

#246 — February/March 2016

- Letter from the Director: Stacy Szymaszek
- Notes from the Project
- Spring Workshops
- Interview: Barbara Henning and Patricia Spears Jones
- Art: Oasa DuVerney
- Poetry: Amber Atiya
- Reading Calendar
- Reviews: Jess Mynes on Anselm Berrigan; Cornelia Barber on Melissa Buzzeo; Jai Arun Ravine on Gabriel Ojeda-Sague; Sara Jane Stoner on Sueyeun Juliette Lee; Miller Oberman on Patricia Spears Jones
- Community Letters: Charles Borkuis; Cassandra Gillig
- Crossword Puzzle
- Cover image: “Untitled (If I Could)” / 11” x 8.5” / Inkjet print on acetate, paper, glazing. (c) Steffani Jemison [2012]. Courtesy of the artist.

The Poetry Project Newsletter