The Poetry Project


New Performances

Allison Brainard hosts a night of performance and reading, live and in person at the Poetry Project, outside of Saint Marks Church.

Artists, poets, and performers come together, finally, to perform in front of an audience again. As we return to live performance, how does it function for us now? How do we make sense of our isolated individual experiences in a dissolving world? The evening's participants will share new work, new ideas, stories of coping, romance, and despair.

Featuring: Allison Brainard, Corinne Beardsley, Manal Kara, Lorelei Ramirez, Peter Mills Weiss & Julia Mounsey, and Rachel Rabbit White

Public Health Precautions

This is tentatively planned as a live outdoor event at St. Mark's Church. We are following (and exceeding) recommendations laid out by NY State for outdoor gatherings. These include: limiting the number of attendees, including event participants, to under 30; setting up seating with fixed and socially distant spacing; requiring and providing face masks, as well hand sanitizer stations. We will have 3 microphones on hand, and will be rotating / sanitizing these between readings. Attendees are required to register in advance, and contact information is collected at the point of registration in the event that we need to support any public health efforts around contact tracing. We are grateful to attendees for helping us maintain safety within our present public health context, and look forward to holding meaningful shared listening space together.