The Poetry Project


POETRY IS PRAYER — Workshop with Aisha Sasha John

What is the thing you are doing when you are doing what you understand as “writing poetry”?

I am saying and hoping you are putting a microphone to your heart.

I am saying putting a microphone to your heart is prayer.

I am saying I’ve observed that true heart expression is encouraged by certain qualities of composition—which I will share: this is the workshop.

I am saying because this experience is happening on zoom, we can mute our mics and speak aloud as well as write.

I am saying we will report what we receive.

I am saying to receive we have to await.

I am saying togetherness, stillness, reception, report, prayer.

Our heart, throat, voice, song, love.

There will be a form we can soften into and which we’ll repeat—we will convene in ceremony.

This is a learning class.