The Poetry Project


Spring 2023 Workshop Reading

© Ivanna Baranova

This spring at The Poetry Project, workshop participants explored the obtuseness of experience, the complex possibility of belief, the formal relationship between poetry and films, and the radical intimacies that exist in and through writing in workshops with Edmund Berrigan, Lara Mimosa Montes, S*an D. Henry-Smith, and Angel Dominguez. Please join us to celebrate the writing and thinking they did collectively!

Featuring: Arianne Ayu Alizio, Jim Behrle, Yazud E. Brito-Milian, Sofia Candiani, Tim Carrier, Yuni Chang, Maxine Dannatt, Ayling Zulema Dominguez, Nicolas Duran, Jude Ehmka, Ashley Escobar, Eunsun, Carolyn Hehir, Joyce Hida, Leena Joshi, Miriam Karraker, Leah Kogen-Elimeliah, Yaz Lancaster, Casper Lee, Sylvia Matas, Zach McLane, Clementine Morse, Matthew Morse, Ryan Nowlin, Katie O’Sullivan, Ellie Parker, Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross, Leigh Sugar, Tavish Timothy, Lix Z, and more TBA


This event will take place virtually over Zoom. Registration through The Poetry Project's Eventbrite is required. Zoom links will be shared upon registration to the event. In an effort to build and hold collective community, we ask that Zoom links not be shared.

The evening of the event, if you have any questions, have trouble accessing your Eventbrite account, or have trouble accessing Zoom after the event's listed start time, please contact Poetry Project staff directly at

This event will have live transcription and captioning via OtterAI.