The Poetry Project

Ashley Escobar

I am stuffed animal / terrier with a blank gaze / My friends are all postcards / I lick stamps half-heartedly / so they won't send I say boo / at poetry church & throw / a pet rock out a / stained glass window 

Visuals: Hand-drawn stamp with purple flowers on the left corner. A hand-drawn stuffed green dog in between "I am" and "stuffed animal." Hand-drawn green ghosts and pet rocks are on the bottom of the postcard.
I was walking down 2nd ave when the intangible turned tangible I thought I saw Frank O’Hara’s ghost so I looked up at the trees they were all wearing sunglasses and the spaces in between the branches were spectacles of their own right Aidan told me to say hi to Frank but I didn’t know him or maybe I did except I’ve never liked coke very much I’d rather have a pepsi and disappear I found myself in a brownstone with a bullet hole and the chandelier still wore all of its little hats as we climbed the ladder to chelsea but were a few decades late we don’t serve cocktails until 4 p.m. the neon hotel sign was my anchor, but I’m not a boat

Visuals: The lines are written in various colors starting with light blue, Iime green, black, maroon, and brown, and rotate between colors. "april" is handwritten in the middle of the postcard in purple ink.
Transcription: I only / know it / in fragments 

Visuals: Handwritten in crayon. Blue waves curl on the top corners and bottom of the postcard. A red and pink striped fish, goldfish, and green fish border the text.

Work from Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops with Edmund Berrigan