The Poetry Project

Jim Behrle

Off-White Postcard Panel with "Poem On" across red, yellow and green sideways diamond shapes. "A LOOP" written in Scrabble tiles. "Poem" written in a red dot. "On A" written in a green star. "Loop" written in red cloud. "Poem" written in a smaller red cloud. "On" written in half a yellow star that falls off the postcard.
Off-White Postcard Panel with a field of stickable stars on it. The stars are gold, silver, blue and red. And they are spread out randomly around the field of the card. Words handwritten between the stars, also kind of spread randomly around in All Caps: "ALL THE STARS ARE IN THE POEM BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE FEELS LIKE HANGING OUT". Some of the stars are peeling off.

Work from Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops with Edmund Berrigan