The Poetry Project

Filip Marinovich


New York for me :
Cold War period
Cold Kennedy
Airport rooftop 1980
With Vladimir and Filip
And Aunt Evergreen the redhead—
Cold War ongoing
Aids period
Balkan wars period
Balkan family getting bombed by united states period.
Most queer prolific romancing with Mike, Ellen, Helen, Blake, Deepa, Anya, Irina, Patrick, Yelena, Ethan, and Nathaniel period.
Formation of The Nineties, a planet that explodes as soon as it is created, period.
I come from that planet called The Nineties asteroid field.
Stolen National Election in Miami, Florida period.
Nine eleven period.
Friend exodus.
You come from asteroids.
I come from right here :
The Big Bang and its afterglow
A cosmic microwave background
War in Afghanistan period
Iraq War period
Redeemer hysteria period
Occupy your time period
Civil War without end
Nemesis hysteria period
End Civil War Now
Plague period
Recovery period
Relapse period
Recovery period—
That’s my New York School
And if you don’t like it
Put that in your New York School martini shaker
And vape it.

Work from Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops with Edmund Berrigan