The Poetry Project

Emily Stainkamp

Image of a white postcard, portrait oriented, which reads in block letters at the top: "TUNE IN, UNRELAXED" and proceeds in neat handwriting: "seething, sending // Emails. Try to pluck / Sense out of sounds. // Eliminate pith. / Recall citrus, supremed. // Zested, twisted. Adorn / A rim. Transmit // Chemical and do not / relent. It surges forth. // React, ambiguous. / Release the doggone day." At the bottom of the card written in small letters: "3-28-23 9:00 pm St. Marks Church. New York City"
Image of a white postcard which reads, in marker at the top, "I FLY TO YOU" written in purple marker. The rest of the poem proceeds in pen: "I watch for hawks / They turn out to be buzzards / You go to work / The mourning doves do / Or don't return / The cat ticks like a clock / Ten turkeys cross / The road in front of us / And hiss" Horizontal lines and a vertical line of dots adorn the bottom of the card

Work from Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops with Edmund Berrigan