The Poetry Project

Matt Proctor

Transcription: alone in th subbasement / listening to candlestick radio / take a look / break that off / crashing permission passing th blunt / don't / worry / about / it

olympic wave pools

Visual Description: Handwritten poem with a bearlike figure smoking a joint. Handdrawn sun on the right top corner. Box around "take a look." Pen scribbles around text and figure. "Olympic wave pools" on the stomach of the figure.
Transcription: Great balls of china / do unto me 

Visual Description: A masked figure and a donkey traversing hills. A castle lurks in the distance with a crescent moon in the top right corner. All drawn in black ink. The text floats overhead.
Transcription: watercolors asphyxiate prime rib / blame th messenger / jalapeño / poppers / will decide / lighting cameras / w/ yr gum

Visual Description: The text is broken into three parts floating around the image. A tree on the left side of the postcard. A man with glasses and a ballcap sits on a shopping cart. There's a slide in the background. A bridgelike drawing connects the shopping cart to a basketball hoop on the top right side. There are some scribbles that indicate grass. A fire hydrant and a bunny sit on the bottom right side along with something sticking from the ground.

Work from Obtuse Angles, Tentative Skies, Awkward Chops with Edmund Berrigan