The Poetry Project

Two Poems

talia fox

a poem written in a world where poetry is illegal

( would it be a) decadent or b) sparse? if a) then certainly a death a lament
an epic a storm etched into the walls of mausoleums
if b) then a message, a code, a set of instructions, a map, a directive written
quietly on airport napkin )

pavane for a princess still living but liable to die

this is the musee de l’orangerie. i have snuck us here in the
dark, but this room, the waterlily room, is always in morning.
we are not alone here; it is normal to come at midnight when
one is craving daylight. (it is preserved here so well.) goers
are dressed up, or dressed down. everyone angles for a shot
that looks properly thoughtful, i.e. casual. we are sitting on
the bench. someone shushes us. it is maurice ravel.

Work from The Art of Accumulation with Vi Khi Nao