The Poetry Project

Wet Butt Fashion Show, Returnable Dreams

Lu Zhang


Amniotic Fluid

not about self
not frustrating

you don’t want to be constrained when you make senses

such an expensive flight
it's not getting any closer

his hands were firm and warm
Just hold
takes courage and a longer time

can overly detailed be poetic?
i’m sorry I hope

material to appearance
black on the right
white on the left

the sound of separation fill up
i was awakened by bird’s sound

it was gray like a winter’s early morning
the footage is my hometown

vegetables cooked very soft
and eat over his stone meditation table
followed two monks down to the mountain
They picked Bing’s pepper
because he doesn’t like spicy


Harder Though Arguable

you were going to be played by me
but you choose to hold my hands

let me fix your diamond ring
by hammering through your fingers
i love you

burning life together
does it make us closer?
i am deaf and you are blind

let me dial to the baby crying
i forgot your number

breathing through fingertips
light as two filter paper with a string

do we look into eyes and touch the air

you travel into the dark hole
touching my wavy hairs

smells nothing but your own room

a completed relationship returned to the awareable me.


Wet Butt Fashion Show, Returnable Dreams

why do grandpa start being social?
he does not remember you
only sees himself younger
he is pleasantly surprised
you feel instantly older

strengthen the balanced speed, straighten the ankle

Oppose to a fridge of Chinese medicine
being independent of the noises
leaking from third floor windows

“喂, mama, what is our home address exactly?”

Work from The Art of Accumulation with Vi Khi Nao