The Poetry Project

#230 — February/March 2012

- Staff Letters
- News and Announcements
- Marxism and Poetry: Jean-Jacques Lecercle
- from The Unmemntioable: Erín Moure
- Things to Do at The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street: Filip Marinovich
- In Memoriam: Theodore Enslin: Whit Griffin
- New Work: Justin Lieberman
- Poetry Project Reading Reports: Ken Walker, Franklin Bruno
- Reviews: Rodney Koeneke on Anselm Berrigan; Michael Allan on Mahmoud Darwish; Alice Whitwham on Jaqueline Waters; Kendra Sullivan on Jill Magi; Karla Kelsey on Matvei Yankelevich; Brenda Iijima; Alan Clinton on Paolo Javier; Chrstine Kanownik on César Vallejo; Vladislav Davidzon on Drew Gardner; Justin Sherwood on Micah Ballard
- Poet Astrology: Denver Dufay
- On the Cover: Justin Lieberman, Tom Baker (detail), SLR cameras and taxidermied crabs, 41" x 19" x 19"

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