The Poetry Project

#231 — April/May 2012

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek, Arlo Qunit, Paul Foster Johnson
- News and Announcements
- Beyond Conceptualisms: Poetics after Critique and the End of the Individual Voice: Johanna Drucker
- The Days of the Commune
- Tranströmer: John Beer
- Jump Out! Sustain! Kick! On a Poetics of Stamina, Desiring Finesse: Rodrigo Toscano
- La Maratonista: Rodrigo Toscano
- Poetry Project Reading Report on The Hole: A Gathering: Susan Landers
- Stacy Doris (1962--2012): In Life and In Work: Sarah Riggs
- Interview: Rachel Levitsky and Gail Scott
- Reviews: Lauren Russell on Dana Ward; Sara Jane Stoner on Amy King; Jennifer Tamayo on Krystal Languell; Peter Bushyeager on Bill Kushner;  Matt Longabucco on Sam Truitt; Stephen Lawrence on Evie Shockley; Evan Kennedy on Rob Halpern
- Poet Astrology: Denver Dufay
- Cover and TOC Art: Zoe Beloff

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