The Poetry Project

#233 — December 2012/January 2013

- Staff Letters: Stacy Szymaszek, Arlo Quint, Paul Foster Johnson
- News and Announcements
- Premiers matériaux pour une théorie de la Jeune-Fille: Some Notes on the New Translation: Stephanie Young
- Benefit: Macgregor Card
- Interview: The Conspiracy Mixtape: Chris Martin and Mary Austin Speaker
- Reanimation Library: Andrew Beccone
- Night & Storm/Some Situation(s) of Place in the Poetic Avant-Garde: Ana Božičević
- Poetry Project Reading Reports: Laura Henriksen
- Reviews: Elizabeth Robinson on Evelyn Reilly; Sara Jane Stoner on Laura Wetherington; Bill Kushner on Merry Fortune;Rodney Koeneke on Stacy Doris;
- Catachresis My Love: Charles Bernstein
- Astrological Advice: Dorothea Lasky
- Cover and Interior (pages 3 and 27) Art: Reanimation Library

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